Traditional Native American
Handcrafted Medicine Stone Jewelry
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Traditional Native American Handcrafted Medicine Stone Jewelry


Medicine Stones

Agate~ A stone of balance, for those how use logic more than intuition, strengthens and adjusts body and brain. Provides a sensation of courage and strength. Powerful healer.
Blue lace Agate~ A calming stone, helps develop inner peace and tranquility. Increases sensitivity and sharpens the senses.
Moss Agate~ Strengthens ego and self-esteem. Provides emotional stability, strengthens positive elements in ones character. Enables ones to see the positive side of a situation.
Tree Agate~ Balances, calms, and strengthens connection with nature. 
Amazonite~ Strengthens the heart and body. Calms, and eases mental situations. Emotional balancer, important for spiritual development. The energies of Amazonite, flow outward to help others.
Amber~ Provides ability to make decisions, strengthens memory and intellect. Increases connection with nature. Heals the blood, strengthens and stabilizes the abdominal area.
Amethyst~ Balances energy centers in the body. Clears the mind and promotes spiritual understanding. Provides a sense of courage, intuition, and creativity.
Aquamarine~ The stone that flows as water, is thought to help with the flow of life. Strengthens optimism and the ability to express oneself. Helps eliminate unnatural fears, sharpens mental purity… Calming.
(Aventurine~ (Green)~ Gentle, stabilizing effect on the heart area. Calming, balancing, relieves pressure, and increases independence. Purifies and heals blockages of physical integration of the mental and spiritual feelings.
Aventurine~ (Red or peach)~ Strengthens and provides physical energy…
Azurite~ Stimulates recognition and improves physical strength by clearing blockages from the brain. Eases decision making. Helps in cases of depression. Mental purifier.
Azurite-Malachite~ The combination is a very powerful stone. The effects of Azurite as well as the effects of Malachite, while combined increases unique abilities, may help physical and emotional self-healing. Releases pressure, good for lack of discipline and emotional balance.
Bloodstone~ (Blood Jasper)~ Strengthens self-confidence, and provides strength. Increases courage and mental balance. Balances blood, recommended in cases of high or low blood pressure. Strengthens the heart area. Recommended for people after a heart attack, or who suffer from heart problems.
Carnelian~ Stone of happiness and hope. Provides courage and strength to carry on ward. Creates emotional balance. Eliminates confusion for people who tend to be absent minded. May reduce depression and feelings of loneliness. Directs creative energy to the higher self.
Chrysocolla~ A feminine energy, and healing stone. Contains energies that balance the body and mind. Eases pressure and feelings of guilt. Relieves emotional energy. Increases ability to love and understand others. Can be of help, during birthing and menopausal states of life.
Citrine~ (Merchant’s stone)~ (Stone of Abundance)~ Enhances the state of wealth and helps to maintain that state. Increases self-confidence, desire and creativity. Stimulating both mental focus and endurance, it also strengthens intellect and memory. One of two minerals on the planet that will not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it. It never needs clearing or cleansing.
Copper~ Natural conductor of energy, provides energy to the body and brain. Heals metabolism. Purifies blood and spirit. Used with brass and iron, it can balance the energies of the body and maintain stability and wellness within the chemistry of the blood and cellular structures.Copper is used to stabilize and balance the flow of blood in the body.
Coral~ Calms emotions, leads to inner tranquility. Eases depression, emotional balance, and reduces sensitivity. Improves ability to express, while increasing intuition and imagination.
(Red)~ balances between spirituality and materialism. Provides energy and vitality. Good for metabolism.
Fluorite~ Provides clear, clean, soft, and calming energy. Balances and clears intellect. Eases pressure. Strengthens memory and ability to concentrate.
Garnet~ (Bordeaux)or(deep red)~ In general; Strengthens self-confidence, and is recommended for people who always criticize. Strengthens determination/devotion to causes or goals and obligations. Stimulates awareness of emotional intentions.
Gold~ Purifies and provides energy for the physical body. Helps rehabilitate the body, and strengthens the nervous system.
Gold Stone~ Man made, by mixing glass and copper. Provides confidence, strength, and happiness. Good for creativity.
Hematite~ Amplifies intuition and spontaneity, excellent for people who are extremely logical. A grounding stone, hematite, increases resistance to pressure. Provides personal charm, optimism, desire and courage. Provides protection from negativity, and influences blood flow.
Howlite~ Good for communication, spiritual awareness, and emotional expression. Increases ability to endure, comprehend, and be discrete. Strengthens memory and desire for knowledge. Provides sensation of peace and balance. Assists in focusing energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind, and spirit. It also assists with the dissolution of negativity, transforming the negativity to the purity of universal light and love.
Jasper~ (In general), Balances emotions, unites the subconscious and self-awareness. Strengthens the physical body and provides strength.
Brecciated Jasper~ (poppy jasper)~ Balances and strengthens. Provides power and courage. Picture Jasper~ Provides harmony and increases creativity. Encourages growth.
Red Jasper~ Strengthens ability to survive. Helps one to stay calm in times of danger, promotes mental calm and clarity under stress. Helps one progress, eliminating states of digression.
Leopard skin Jasper~ Strengthens intuition and creativity. Eases situations of hopelessness.
Lapis Lazuli~ Good for balancing. Directs contact with ones higher self. Used as a mental and spiritual purifier. Reduces feelings of hopelessness. Releases pressure, provides power and wisdom, increases self-acceptances.
Malachite~ Strengthens and balances the brain. Improves self-expression. Relieves pain and protects against accidents by absorbing the brunt of the incident.
Mother of pearl~ Brings peace and decreases over sensitivity. Balances and purifies energies. Symbolizes belief, generosity, and innocence. Encourages perfection, loyalty, and focus on goals.
Obsidian~ (Volcanic Glass)~ I general, Obsidian is good for keeping negative energies away, protection from over sensitivity. During time of change help one to see things more clearly.
Black Obsidian~ Shaman’s stone~ Used to remove blockages from the body Protection from negative energies. Good for creativity..
Mahogany Obsidian~ Helps fulfill ambitions in a positive manner. Ability to remove blockages.
Snowflake Obsidian~ Provides strength and energy. Good for balance during time of change. Helps remove blockages by absorbing negative energy and activating self-power.
Opal~ In general, for those who are balanced and centered, more open and assertive, this stone will facilitate happiness, joy, perseverance. It strengthens awareness of feelings and intuition. (Increased feelings may lead to over sensitivity during stressful situations.) Opal is not recommended for young people who are generally over sensitive. Opal causes expression of inner feelings, and may cause physical and mental uneasiness. (A misunderstood stone, thought to be a negative energy causing upheaval and general unrest in the wearer.)
Paua Shell~ (Abalone)~ Provides a feeling of happiness, calming giving an effect of tranquility, flow, and relaxation. Reduces criticism, eases feelings of loneliness.
Pyrite~ Provides a positive outlook on life. Elevates the emotional body, strengthens desire. Encourages harmonious inter action with others. Used against depression, relieves pressure, and hopelessness. Facilitates oxygen flow through the blood to the brain.
Quartz~ (Crystal)~ Natural conductor of energy. Provides energy to the physical, emotional, and mental bodies while uniting them into spiritual energy. Strengthens power of other minerals and purifies them. Quartz is a natural amplifier of energies. It can be used to amplify and purify thoughts. It absorbs and transfers energies to the higher self. (Quartz crystal has many uses, many more, than are listed herein—More research for specific other uses require further research.)
Rhodonite~ The pink strengthens love while the black provides emotional protection. Increases self-esteem, self-confidence, and helps reveal self-potential. Assists one in dealing with emotions without getting carried away. Balances body energies. Stimulates alignment of all chakras and removes blockages.
Rose Quartz~ Provides an energy of love and cleans old emotional wounds while developing love for self. Increases self-confidence, expression, creativity, and feeling of content.
Silver~ In creases fluency of speech during conversation. Stimulates observation of self, and helps rid uncultured behavior. Encourages flexibility during implementation of different tasks.
Smoky Quartz~ Releases negative blockages, grounds energies into the body. Increases creativity, happiness, and emotional balance.
Sodalite~ Cleansing, grounding before beginning spiritual studies and development. Strengthens self-confidence, and flow of communication. Good for calming, harmony, and courage. Prevents emotional blockages to spiritual comprehension.
Sugilite~ Provides protection especially for sensitive people who absorb energies from their surroundings. Keeps away negativity, increases spiritual development. Eases acceptance of higher consciousness. Recommended for healers, and those who teach spiritual development. (We have only scratched the surface with this topic. This stone is a high vibration mineral; it is to be used with great care, and skill, to help humankind. Must be used with the utmost of care, and training.)
Tiger Eye~ Increases ability for self-development, strengthens self-confidence. Powerful balancing stone, recommended for people who are beginning spiritual development. Encourages positive out look on life. Helps release negative feelings, balances mental and physical needs.
Blue Tiger Eye~ For good health, positive life outlook, and good communications.
Red Tiger Eye~ Strengthens body, gives energy, strength, vitality. (For people who are exhausted.) Golden Tiger Eye~ Enhances appreciation of mother earth, grounding, and release of negativity.
Turquoise~ Provides self-confidence, mental calm, emotional balance, good for communication, friendship and loyalty. Provides protection. Strengthens and aligns the body, Balances the blood and nervous system.

These are a few of the minerals used in my medicine stone pieces. I hope this is informative, as this is only a small excursion into this subject. Many other areas must be researched to come up with your specific piece, to make it more attuned to you specific needs.

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